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MANUEL URRUTIA ALMAGRO Painter, Escengrafo, designer and cartoonist born in Villa Clara on December 19, 1931 1958 Graduate School of Plastic Arts San Alejandro 1970, studying a 1976 Specializing Cartoons Sets in the Staatliichen Comitde Fernsehen in Berlin, GDR 1985 Escenogrfico Design Course taught by the Chartered Institute of RTV Espaola, In cooperation with the ICRT 1987 graduate of the National School of Design or From 1960 to 1992 as a designer Escenogrfico desempea ICRT and Member of the...

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MANUEL URRUTIA ALMAGRO Painter, Escengrafo, designer and cartoonist born in Villa Clara on December 19, 1931 1958 Graduate School of Plastic Arts San Alejandro 1970, studying a 1976 Specializing Cartoons Sets in the Staatliichen Comitde Fernsehen in Berlin, GDR 1985 Escenogrfico Design Course taught by the Chartered Institute of RTV Espaola, In cooperation with the ICRT 1987 graduate of the National School of Design or From 1960 to 1992 as a designer Escenogrfico desempea ICRT and Member of the Commission of Evaluation of the Institute until his jubilacin. Jury Prize in 1985 Sets Caracol. Member of the National Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba (UNEAC) and the Union of Journalists of Cuba (UPEC). Holds the Medal Ral Garca Gómez Union of Culture and the recognition of the Nicaraguan TV serial by the set designer of Rigoberto Lopez, the martyr Revolution. Solo Exhibitions 1971 Painting Politics Czech Culture House, La Habana, Cuba Guilln Nicols 1972 70th Anniversary International Press Center, Havana, Cuba 1975 Painting Politics Czech Culture House, Havana, Cuba 1994 The Center Sekun International Press, Havana, Cuba 1996 National Folklorico Folkuba Headquarters donated works to several embassies acclimate 1970 The War Mongolia Embassy of Cuba in 1972 Portrait of Fidel Castro R. Vietnam Embassy of Cuba in 1973 Fight for humanity Embassy of Cuba in Latin American Thought 1974 Bulgaria Embassy in Costa Rica Cuba Journal Publications 1973 Soviet Union, No 7, XVC, Work: Gendarme German Magazine Cover Bildende Kunst, No), Work: Trust 1974 Report on the Review German graphic Bildende Kunst, No. 11, Construction: Trust, Vietnam, Alegra of my home, deformation, 1975 Latin American Thought, Remember Nuremberg and the Fight for Humanity 1976 Back to Bildende Kunst German Magazine, No 34, Work: Committed Realism Exhibition Catalog Vietnam, Bulgaria 1977 Painting Exhibition Catalog highly committed MoscURSS Selection of the work of Milan Chovande Art Janci Zdenek& 39;s ass covered by the work of Manuel Urrutia Almagro Cuban Painters Paper, published in German, 34.35 and 36 cathodes Editorial Kunstmappe Seemann, Berlin 1980 Mention Awards and Honors: Award Caracol The set designer Mambisito Carnival 1983 Third Prize, Second Prize 1984 Carnival set designer, set designer Caracol Prize, set designer Bodas de Sangre 1985 Prize Caracol, set designer and Exhibition The Black Grimace Collective Exhibitions 1970 UJC National Salon Salon July 26, ICRT National Salon 70, Palacio Bellas Artes Cuba Cuba Cuba Salon July 26th 1971, ICRT Exhibition March 13, Ministry of Communications Cuba Cuba 1972 UJC Congress Exhibition Exhibition II January 10, Radio Liberation Exhibition July 26, Radio Progress Exposition July 26, Galera Cuba Cuba Cuba Cuba UNEAC Exhibition 26 July 1973, ICRT Cuba Committed Bulgaria Realism Salon Exhibition 1974 July 26, Galera UNEAC exhibition n Homage to Salvador Allende Exhibition II FMC Congress of Cuban Painters Exhibition, Exhibition of Cuban Painters ICAP, ICAP Costa Rica Cuba Cuba Cuba 1976 Vietnam Exhibition twentieth anniversary of the Granma Landing Painting Exhibition Politics Ministry Communications Exhibition Cuban Painters, Salon ICAP Realism Committed Cuba Cuba Algeria Bulgaria Painting Exhibition 1977 Highly Committed, MoscURSS Salon 2 January 1983, Tribute to 25th Anniversary of the Triumph of the Revolution exhibition No XXX Anniversary of the Assault on Moncada Barracks Cuba Cuba 1996 Two Cuban Artists, Galera Hotel Habana Libre Cuba 1998 Painting Exhibition of Cuban painter who paints your land, Cerecedo Cultural Center, Len Cuban Painting Exhibition, Cuba the color of the Caribbean, Room Torreblanca, Len Spain Spain 1999 Exhibition of Cuban Painting, Havana again, City Council, Don Juan and Astorga Exhibition of Cuban Painting, Cuba: Echoes of Caribbean, San Sebastian de los Reyes, Madrid Spain Spain 2007 Exhibition Building Jerusalem personal Miramar Trade Center. Discovering Havana in commemoration to 488 anniversary of the founding of the Villa of San Cristobal de la Habana. Cuba Joe Smith Art reflects spirituality, not only the artist but also of its land and its people, so owning a piece of Almagro, is to save a piece of the history of this country, crimped with the currents of the world through color, design and sensuality that can not be absent in a sample of the tropics. The symbols taken as part of our cultural essence are used by this artist, to showcase a domain marking technique, and give the viewer a deeply Cuban and transmission of a universal language, because every man above the mystical path inevitably reflected in their vital activities. Long are the background in the chronicles of our painting the use of elements signalize the Ocha or Abaka, Wilfredo Lam and Roberto Dihago, among others, who managed to internationalize our roots, but every real artist, has expresiny identifying its mode of Almagro in parts found not only lines and values that provide a unique way to say, but a clean coloracin contribute to finding that inner peace so coveted by man current. Tireless walker the streets of Havana, has been influenced by architectural eclecticism and also the influence of population unpredictable in its behavior, which has been infused with dreams, fears and ancestral values that are breathed in every rincny that can be captured by quin has not only the ability to receive, but also the sensitivity to transform them into images on a canvas, I ahlas qualities that make Joe Smith& 39;s paintings. Art contributes to the happiness of man, mainly those with a comprehensive education, so those who come to one of these pieces, experiencing feelings of having ascended to the individual realization. Mr. Mercedes Gonzalez Manuel Almagro Almagro Rives is a painter of vigorous strokes, besides the plastic sand ningn not give space to the photographer. It is here where he began his legtima ambition, greatness of his work: art or anything. But never the folklore, but I would encounter more strenuous forms of folklore itself. After all, what it is not difficult, but the provocation of genius. I have not spoken of magic at close range, but from the deep sense of magical realism, magic realism of my cultural identity, caribeay Latinoamrica. The Cuban and Haitian Carpentier Alexis, the officiating in the exorcism of those entraables manifestos, are also the lackeys gut of our cultural identities, whose dynamism moves at a pace that those perceived with the original sensations experienced by esp Spirit, all authentic act of discovery. They were consistent, caught in the aesthetics of their works, enchantment, magic, cherished in all our cultures. For my part, I seek and find the mystery trapped in boxes Iroko, Orula, Oggn, who masterfully comprehensive summary Almagro struggle with the hitherto disappointing elementary and artistic possibilities of the firms. I& 39;m not plastic arts critic, my aim is advertque and national identity in my ethnological, but Orula box, for example, the utilization of its emblematic color (the green and yellow) on ocher, achieve a stunning effect of infinite mystery, with room for existential questions about the meaning of life, anxiety about the snares divining the future store the individual, while in Iroko, the dense green foliage and brown the crust, built in chiaroscuro tonal picture of the game, excited in my mood mysterious texture sensations organic, somtica full of placid sea grape groves. A great suggestive power of varied emotions distinguishes the plastic de Almagro. I think it crosses the threshold ASEL national or universal. I speak to Oba, the wife of Chango in the number of signatures. My fantasy makes Penelope enters the picture and then perceive the solid element that dominates the composition as a metaphorical Pop sewing machine. The wait is referred, in my excited imagination, any unscrupulous Odysseus or Chango. I have to hold accountable not to the artist, perhaps it is a secret, a mystery. On the contrary to folklore, Almagro resolutely decide to enter these other forms of Cuban folklore, open or break your armor crptica. The Conquest and recomposed his creative whim, multiplying their aesthetic values, and then located at some top place of national identity back to its authenticity, as claimed. Etnlogos often find that professional art work expresses, in the foreground, the artist& 39;s personal experience. Connections to the international art are proverbial in the lites of national literature and art. But there are several fundamental issues for our guild, etnlogos should know how to respond. Ningn artist builds up, as individual assets, all the cultural events are complete as to the identity of that people which he is an inseparable part. However, all these cultural events linked estn orgnic between s share the same essence, original and unique sense. In any event, the banquet lites are unique to the criticism but they can not escape the trained eye and searching of etnlogos. The fate of the artwork always passes through the lap of the two tyrants. Entindase that this is metaphorical, they still have not gotten out of lyricism in which I work envolvila Almagro. Alberto Pedro D. Words of Master John Vzquez Martn in the inauguration of the plastic artist& 39;s personal exhibition at the Jerusalem building in the Miramar Trade Center. The teacher and friend Almagro pidique me say a few words about this solo exhibition entitled Discovering that we are opening in Havana later today. Accept your offer with great joy and pleasure, disponindome now express to you some pictorial ideas about the aesthetics of the works exhibited by the plastic artist Manuel Urrutia Almagro at this location. This is a collection of works by medium and large format, made with Oil on canvas, with the theme of the urban landscape of Havana almost forgotten, this capital multiple, vital and unique for its eclectic architecture, personalsima , Original and unique in our concept Geographically the Caribbean. We also like the works of majoritarian Almagro, man, quietly sensual, is an essential part of his aesthetic, walking through its streets and sidewalks. This Havana in the spray painter fabrics and embellished with warm colors, cold days and gray, is a Havana where we discover a permanent picture on their execution, which adapts each way exact two-dimensional space, the dresses night with intense blue or dazzling sun with orange and red. Tropical rain magical mirrors multiplied the forms to an eternal dream of color in the evenings bring us delicate shades of ocher, pink and gray. All of which gives us, to us viewers, a delight of legitimate art. This sample of fifteen paintings exhibited in the painter, not the result of providence, the incidental finding of Nephite blind adventurer filling with paste clumsy hands read and fabrics found in old drawers. The teacher takes his first steps almagro and gradundose study in painting at the National Academy of San Alejandro, later studied in Germany and stenographer in the national school of design in Cuba, Ascom other courses linked forever visual arts. Therefore we are in the presence of a professional, a teacher who knows the trade secrets of the art of painting. We all know that any school in the world takes talent. Rosemary& 39;s Angel of artistic creation in us from birth, but needs to be supplied to the study and ongoing work. Almagro has angel and is a lifelong scholar, is a painter with a technique for convert visual pictorial fiction into reality. His works demonstrate aqupresente are well-structured tables, which has applied with great skill the read, as will asvemos overlapping layers of color to achieve the desired visual effects of atmospheric conditions. Aqutambin can find pictures with a Western Renaissance perspective on two dimensions, with post impressionist techniques, also other tables with vertical and horizontal planes within a rectangle with freer forms and colors. In the creation all the roads that are genuine in art is valid. I& 39;m not surprised that the teacher have an currculo almagro as comprehensive personal and collective exhibitions in and outside of Cuba. Nor should this surprise that major domestic and foreign collectors to acquire their works. Thank you very much. Juan TVzquez Martn

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